Fire-Tech Software

Fire-Tech Software allows our technicians to record on-site/mobile installations from their smart phone/tablet. You can see real-time tagged photographs, digitally marked-up drawings, instant pricing of worksheets and cost and productivity information. By using the system’s GPS, you can even locate our technicians as they move across different sites. So you can track the man, and not the van.

Online Data

All the information is in one place. We provide a single point of storage for seal and site specific information such as quality checks, H&S information and hand overs. This information is instantly accessible via the software.

Real Time

Our advanced software records installations in real time, giving access and insight to cost and productivity information. You are also able to carry out remote quality inspections from your office by reviewing the GPS tagged installation images attached to the seal records.

Health & Safety

H&S is controlled through the Fire-Tech software, ensuring all technicians have read & accepted their site specific risk assessment and method statement. Our software also stores COSHH data and material safety information.

Secure Area Handovers

Using the Fire-Tech software, we are able to carry out quality checks and offer completed areas and zones to the client/main contractor for completion. The system captures the clients signature and the handover is stored on the server along with all the other site specific records.

Cost & Productivity

The Fire-Tech Software automatically calculates the cost of installations and produces all the required information for your monthly valuations and invoicing. It provides real-time information on the progress and productivity of our technicians. This information is available to the client as well as ourselves.

Fire Risk Checks

Fire-Tech Software undertakes Fire Risk Assessments in real time and can send urgent action request instantly to the specific responsible person. You will never need to type up the significant findings of a Risk Assessment again and our server stores all your records indefinitely.

FIRAS accreditation