Acoustic Stopping and Air Sealing

In environments where continuous noise could negatively influence the behaviour and activity of the building’s occupants, Acoustic Sealing is incredibly important. Northern sealants fully trained workforce employs the best practises in noise control and reduction to improve acoustic performance.

Acoustic sealing is the process of reducing noise transmission through a building by the application of acoustic rated materials.  Northern Sealants offers a comprehensive range of Acoustic Sealing solutions for industrial, commercial, multi-occupancy private properties, and more.

Our Acoustic Sealing ensures that levels of acoustic transmission in our projects comply with Document E of UK Building Regulations.

Northern Sealants  use the best materials on the market to seal joints and gaps within a building’s structure, improving thermal efficiency and increasing fire protection throughout the structure.

Air Leakage in buildings not only increases the spread of flames in the event of a fire, but can also seriously impact energy efficiency. Air leakage is such a serious problem for safety and the environment that the buildings most now adhere to Building Regulations L2, which stipulates appropriate levels of air leakage and energy conservation for construction projects in the UK.

Benefits of Air Sealing

*Reduces the cost of internal heating and cooling.

*Increases the durability of a building.

*Improves internal air quality.

*Increases comfort of occupants.

*Environmentally friendly.

Air Sealing is best performed at the same time as fire stopping. Installing these systems concurrently lessons the need for retroactive work, thereby reducing disruption to the workspace and cost.

FIRAS accreditation