Cavity Barriers and Fire Curtains

UK Building Regulations require buildings to adhere to national standards of compartmentation, wherein spaces and cavities within a building’s structure are divided by Cavity Barriers.  This is designed to keep fires in the area where they originated for as long as possible, reducing the risk of Fire, Smoke ,and Dangerous Gases spreading to other areas of the building.

Fire Cavity Barriers are installed to prevent the spread of fire and smoke within the building through vulnerable areas such as ceiling spaces, roof spaces, and raised access floors.

Today, most buildings will contain many voids and hidden cavities within their structure. Cavity Barriers are therefore of imperative importance.

Northern Sealants offer a range of Cavity Barrier products and installation services. Our Cavity Barriers maintain integrity and performance over the lifespan of a building and can be installed in accordance with other factors such as building size, location, and insurance stipulations.

FIRAS accreditation